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HintShared Name
German-American balladeer (born Heidi Stern) who is ready to learn about “The Power of Love”, and Canadian prog rock pioneers featured in the movie 'I Love You Man'
Influential pairing of MC Guru and DJ Premier who in 1992 released “Daily Operation”, and one of the fab four who in 1992 solo-released “Time Takes Time”
Boy of Culture Club, and man of 'Club Tropicana'
'Name and his band' band frontman who in 1985 declared 'I'm On Fire', and 'Name and his band' band frontman who in 1986 affirmed that's 'The Way it is'
Soulful American singer of 'At Last', and breezey Mancunian Britpop act who claim 'She's a Star'
Jazzy American singer who released Lady Sings the Blues', and punky American singer who, with Green Day, released '39/Smooth'.
Shock rocker who sang the claustrophilic 'Mobscene', and alt-rockers who sang the agorophilic 'Wide Open Space' (homophone, slight difference)
Blind soul pianist whos posthumous compilation ambums include 'Genius & Friends', and blues rock guitarist whos posthumous compilation albums include 'The Real Deal (Volumes I&II)'
Blind soul pianist who sang 'Supersition', vocalist from the band who released 'Rumours'.
Kaiser Chiefs singer who covets 'Ruby', and Australian singer who covets 'Jessie's Girl'.
HintShared Name
Wales's 'Sex Bomb', and Radiohead's 'Supercollider' (homophone, slight difference)
Former folk duo member who proudly declared her solo career with 'Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves', and former TV talentshower who proudly declared a solo career with 'Swagger Jagger'.
Celestially named Canadian crooner with a song in 'Titanic', and mythologically named Italian American rocknroller with a song in 'The Wanderers'.
Feline empowerment supporter who released the album 'Moon Pix', and folk singer and Muslim convert who released the single 'Moonshadow'.
Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, and Costello, no. 80 in Rolling Stone's Greatest Artists of All Time list
Flambouyant highwayman and band frontman who commanded 'Stand and Deliver', and flambouyant Maroon 5 frontman who now has no change left for the 'Payphone'
Colourfully named soul singer of 'Let's Stay Together', and colourful character parody singer of 'Amish Paradise'
Northern Irish soul and blues singer mainly known for 'Brown Eyed Girl', and Swedish Eurodance act known for making dance covers of classical music.
Former duo member who went on to become a rock ('I Am a Rock'), and former Beatle who went on to grow Wings
Singer who critises that 'You're So Vain', and singer who asks that you 'Call Me Maybe'.
HintShared Name
Scooby Doo companion distinctively voiced by music historian and DJ Casey Kasem, and 'Boombastic' rapper with a highly distinctive voice
Actor who portrays the twelth and current Doctor Who, who was in a punk band with Craig Ferguson, and an American operatic soprano
Stylish lead singer of Blondie, and Styles, singer in One Direction
The man known as the Father of Rock and Roll who sang 'Johnny B. Goode', and a rock bassist who has played with Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent and one of question 28's answers
Regal rapper who has also starred in a great number of movies, and regal rock band who want to invite you to 'A Night at the Opera'.
Sexy Scottish indie-dance group, and sexy Hungarian classical composer
Scottish brothers who promise to walk 1000 miles in 'I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)', and American who invited you to take 'A Walk on the Wild Side' (homophone, slight difference)
The Godfather of Shock Rock whose debut album was 'Pretties for You', and the grunge / heavy metal group who would like to chain him up, whose debut album was 'Facelift'.
Now deceased AC/DC frontman, and eponymous band frontman who is 'Livin' on a Prayer'
BONUS QUESTION! Name either of the surprisingly similar birth names of Slash or Bono

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