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Can you name these works of pop culture which feature the Devil?

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What Satan does:Title:Category (Written / Portrayed by):
As the fallen angel Lucifer and Lord of Hell, he opposes Christopher Walken's Gabriel in an angelic civil war.Movies (Viggo Mortensen)
In this controversial biblical epic, as a pillar of fire, and later posing as a guardian angel, Satan attempts to dissuade Jesus of Nazareth from his sacrifice.Movies (Leo Marks*, Juliette Caton)
With the help of a satanic cult, the devil rapes and impregnates the title character.Movies (Clay Tanner)
Under the pseudonym John Milton, Satan is the head of a law firm. He hires a shady defense lawyer (Keanu Reeves) who is later revealed to secretly be his son.Movies (Al Pacino)
In both the 1967 original and the 2000 remake, the Devil offers to grant seven wishes to an ordinary man who is unhappy in love, in return for his soul.Movies (Peter Cook, Elizabeth Hurley)
The sheriff chasing the protagonists, a trio of escaped convicts, is strongly implied to be the Devil in this reimagining of Homer's Odyssey.Movies (Daniel von Bargen)
In a movie disappointingly not named 'Hellevator', Satan incarnate traps a group of sinners in an elevator, to kill them one by one.Movies (Jenny O'Hara)
The charismatic Mr. Nick spends centuries playing various bets on soul collection with the title character, an ex-monk travelling entertainer and compulsive gambler.Movies (Tom Waits)
The titular guitar plectrum is actually a piece of Satan's tooth which the main characters go on a quest for, to become the world's best band. Satan wants his tooth back, though.Movies (Paul F. Tompkins, Dave Grohl)
The eponymous character, played by Adam Sandler, is the youngest son of Satan, who helps him against his older brothers in a struggle to succeed as the Prince of Darkness.Movies (Harvey Keitel)
In this Mel Gibson retelling of the crucifixion story, Satan appears as a hooded albino to tempt and taunt Jim Caviezel in the time of his execution.Movies (Rosalinda Celantano)
Satan possesses a banker and tries to bring about the apocalypse by fathering a child on a human woman, with Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the New York cop who has to stop him.Movies (Gabriel Byrne)
Originally a vial of sentient goo, Satan escapes to possess humans in an attempt to summon the 'Anti-God' into our dimension in this John Carpenter horror.Movies (Susan Blanchard)
The Devil, under the assumed name Louis Cyphre (haha) hires private investigator Mickey Rourke to find a famous musician who has gone missing.Movies (Robert de Niro)
A fallen angel with the pseudonym Irene Adler helps the protagonist while he is searching for a rare copy of a book which will summon the Devil.Literature (Arturo PĂ©rez-Reverte)
This epic poem details Lucifer's temptation of Adam and Eve, after having lost his rebellion against Heaven.Literature (John Milton)
An adaptation of German mythology, the Devil known as Mephistopheles offers arcane knowledge to a famous scholar in return for servitude.Literature (Johann von Goethe)
After Jabez Stone refuses to hand over the soul he signed away to Mr. Scratch, he hires a famous lawyer to speak in his defence at a trial of the damned in this short story.Literature (Stephen Vincent Benet)
The devil makes a brief appearence in this Russian classic to taunt one of the characters, possibly demonstrating that he is losing is mind.Literature (Fyodor Dostoevsky)
Lucifer is found trapped in ice in the deepest part of Hell as punishment for treachery; the beatings of his wings keeps him eternally frozen in ice and he eats prominent traitors.Literature (Dante Alighieri)

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