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Can you name the words which have the same final three letter sequence but do not rhyme?

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Definition 1Non-rhyming wordsDefinition 2
To perceive sound with the earUrsine mammal
One more than threeOne twenty-fourth of a day
Moisture exuded through the pores of the skinTo defeat in a game
A formal dressAccepted as fact
A male title bestowed by royaltyA sound, spoken or written, with a specific meaning
Difficult; or physically strong and durableA branch of a tree
Acidic in tasteTransfer a fluid smoothly from a container
To bring togetherA male parent
A geographical feature notable for its heightTo keep in working order
Exhibiting good mannersAt a superior level
The excitement and intrigue of loveA means of accessing a place
Cause a recording to move backwardsTo take back or cancel
An open-mouthed vessel for serving wine or waterDangerous
Bone interiorScholarly or refined
On the mark, correctTo exercise control or power
To exceed the volume of a containerTo refuse permission

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