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General Knowledge 1

Which element is also a slang term for a police officer?

Which element, the lightest metal, has found use in drugs for the treatment of bipolar disorder? 

Which element is also the name of a planet in our solar system?


Which element is also biblically known as 'brimstone' ?


Which element was first discovered by analysing the light of the sun?

TV and Movies 1

Name any known Avatar from the world of The Last Airbender.


The show Elementary features a reimagining of which literary figure in New York City?

Which film stars Meryl Streep as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher?
Against which superhero group, each representing a classical element, did the Silver Surfer rise in 2007? 

In the movie 'Evolution' which element is found to be toxic to alien invaders?

Which musician, satirist, and mathematician wrote 'The Elements'; a song which lists all the chemical elements? 

Name any full length studio album by Earth, Wind and Fire.


Which singer wanted to 'Set Fire to the Rain'?


Name any full length studio album by Iron Maiden.


Which Red Hot Chili Peppers song is an anagram of element numer 6?

What is X?

Water: H2 X ?


Ethanol: CH3CH2O X ?


Table Salt: X Cl ?


(ortho)Periodic Acid: H5 X O6


Diamond: X

Famous People 1
Which actor, star of Adventureland and The Social Network, has a name that translates to 'Iron Mountain' ?  

Who is the lead singer and guitarist of Nickelback?

Which neuroscientist wrote the autobiographical memoir 'Uncle Tungsten' ? 
After which scientist, who won the Nobel prize for both chemistry and physics, is element number 96 named? 
Which French painter and sculptor, who illustrated editions of 'Don Quixote' and 'The Raven', has a name which translates as 'Golden' ? 
General Knowledge 2

'Silicon Valley' is located in which US state?


Elemental phosphorus exists in two major allotropes; name one.


Which element is the principal component of air?

Which metallic element is an important component of human bones and teeth? 

Lise Meitner, for whom Meitnerium is named, was born in which modern day capital city?
TV and Movies 2

Which movie hero was born on Krypton?


In which movie does Christopher Lloyd buy plutonium from terrorists?

Tritium, an isotope of hydrogen, is a MacGuffin in which 2004 superhero movie?


DiLithium is used to power which fictional spaceship?


Complete this Cary Grant movie title: _______ and Old Lace.

Awards & Luxuries
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association yearly award a globe made of which element? 
An album which sells 1 million copies gains a record made of which metallic element? (US, current for 2017) 
Someone who inherits a large amount of money is said to have been born with a spoon made of which element in their mouth? 

A cross made of which metal was a military award in the Kingdom of Prussia?
Emperor Napoleon reputedly kept a dinner service set of which metallic element, as a symbol of wealth? 
Unjumble the Elements










Famous People 2

By what name is blues musician Huddie Ledbetter better known?

Which Dickens eponymous hero has the nicknames 'Daisy', 'Doady', and 'Trot' ?

Which American actor has appeared in 'Independence Day', 'Jurassic Park', and 'The Fly' ?

Bj√∂rn Ironside, son of Ragnar Lothbrok, is a major character in which Travis Fimmel TV show? 

What is the first name of professional wrestler Goldberg?


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