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*[Rung 01] [Rung 13] Thirty: A 2012 Kathryn Bigelow film*;
What Hercules is before his transformation into hero
Starcraft race infamous for their rush 02
German for mountain, or composer Alban03
A hive-mind collective race from Star Trek,
against whom Resistance is futile!
What happens to you on your very first birthday 05
You might pop it for movie night 06
You might use one for wall climbing, or to power your computer 07
The joker is one, for example 08
The offensive team gets first down for ten of these 09
Northern English pronunciation of 'yes' seen in Hot Fuzz10
Role playing games in real life (acronym) 11
A non-angry bird?12
*[Rung 01] [Rung 13] Thirty: A 2012 Kathryn Bigelow film*;
*The [Rung 13] [Rung 23]: a Stephen King novel*
Humid and dingy 14
Turn an airplane sharply 15
A very strong Batman villain 16
A walking support that sounds like a murderer 17
A secret language, or a feature of Baroque architecture 18
Eric ____man is an abrasive South Park character 19
____ ____son is an easygoing The Simpsons character 20
What duty or nature may do 21
What veal is, when it's alive 22
*The [Rung 13] [Rung 23]: a Stephen King novel*;
*[Rung 23]-[Rung 32]: a video game developed by Valve*
Hearty, healthy24
A big bunny25
A red stag 26
Expel gas through the buttocks27
The price of a bus journey28
Uncommon, or cooked for a very short time 29
French for 'to laugh'; root of the words riant and risible 30
Extremely prevalent, usually something unpleasant 32
*[Rung 23]-[Rung 32]; a video game developed by Valve*
West____; Irish balladeers

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