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Can you name the Greatest inventions ever?

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Plz feel free to comment and tell me about my mistakes that I should correct in order to make this quiz enjoyable. :D
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How many years ago was it made?AnswerCountry,people or company who made it
1.8 million years agoPrehistoric man
500,000 years agoMaybe 'Red Indians'
64,000South Africa
60,000South Africa
6,000 BCMesopotamia
3,300 BCOriginally found in Mesopotamia,Indus valley and Central Europe. It is the greatest invention in history.
3,000 BCMesopotamia
Before 421 BCAncient Greece(incl. Sicily)
408-6 BCAttica, Ancient Greece
2nd Century BCHan Dynasty China
1st Century BCGallia Narbonensis, Roman Republic
Late 3rd-early 4th Century ADAfrica and Roman Empire
4th Century ADAncient China
5th Century ADSouthern and Northern Dynasties china
589 ADSui Dynasty China
7th Century ADTang Dynasty China
7th Century ADTang Dynasty China
9th Century ADTang Dynasty China
9th Century ADTang Dynasty China
10th Century AD Song Dynasty China
1277 ADSong Dynasty China
1286 ADItaly
How many years ago was it made?AnswerCountry,people or company who made it
13th Century ADYuan Dynasty China
13th Century ADJin Dynasty
13th Century ADYuan Dynasty China
1439 ADMainz, Germany
1439 ADMainz, Germany
1470 ADRenaissance, Italy
1605 ADJohann Carolus in Strassburg
1742 ADAndres Celsius
1775 ADJames Watt,Scotland,Great Britian
1876 ADAlexander Graham Bell
1886 ADKarl Benz, Germany
November, 1895Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, Germany
Late 19th CenturyGuglielmo Marconi
September 7,1927 ADPhilo Farnsworth and Charles Francis Jenkins
1903 ADWright Brothers(Orville and Wilbur Wright)
1915 ADErnest Swinton
1928 ADAlexander Fleming
1957 ADIBM
1990 ADBritish National in Geneva, Switzerland
1995 ADPhilips,Sony,Toshiba and Panasonic
March 4, 2000 ADSony
February 2005 ADThree Paypal employees Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen
May 12, 2005 ADMicrosoft
February 2006 ADMark Zuckerberg
November 11, 2006 ADSony

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