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Can you name the Warhammer 40k Space Marine Legions?

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First founding legionsPrimarch
I LegionLion El'Jonson
III LegionFulgrim
IV LegionPerturabo
V LegionJaghatai Khan
VI LegionLeman Russ
VII LegionRogal Dorn
VIII LegionKonrad Curze/Night Haunter
IX LegionSanguinius
X LegionFerrus Manus
First founding legionsPrimarch
XII LegionAngron
XIII LegionRoboute Guilliman
XIV LegionMortarion
XV LegionMagnus the Red
XVI LegionHorus
XVII LegionLorgar
XVIII LegionVulkan
XIX LegionCorax
XX LegionAlpharius/Omegon

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