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Are you a True Directioner?

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Forced Order
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What is Harry's middle name?
What is Zayn's middle name?
What is Louis' middle name?
What is Liam's middle name?
What is Niall's middle name?
Who was their mentor on X Factor?
At whose house did they first get together?
What super power did Louis say he would like to have?
What is the date that One Direction were formed?
Who had auditioned for the X Factor in 2008?
Who is Louis' girlfriend?
Who is Zayn's girlfriend?
Who were One Direction's opening act in the UK on the TMH tour?
Who is Kevin?
Which of the boys hosted the One Direction gameshows?
Spin the...
When is Niall's birthday?
When is Liam's birthday?
When is Louis' birthday?
When is Zayn's birthday?
When is Harry's birthday?
What was their first single?
What was Louis stung by at the judges houses?
What phone company have One Direction released phones with?
Which celebrity did Harry say he would like to be for a day?
Which football team does Louis support? (He also played a match with this team in 2014)
What Bruno Mars song did the boys sing on tour?
Harry was accused of throwing what inside the X Factor house?
What song did they sing on guilty pleasures week?
What was the name of their first perfume?
'London's quite...'
What was Harry's old band name?
What was Liam's audition song?
What was Louis' audition song?
What was Niall's audition song?
What was Zayn's audition song?
What was Harry's audition song?
What was the name of One Direction's first album?
At who's concert did Liam fall over and twist his ankle?
Harry nearly burned down the X Factor house by cooking what?
Who is One Direction's drummer?
How was Zayn's name originally spelt?
What is Louis and Harry's bromance name?
What is Zayn and Niall's bromance name?
What is Liam and Niall's bromance name?
'I like girls who eat...'?
What role did Louis play in his school musical of Grease?
Who's number did Louis and Harry give out to 7000 people?
At what age did Niall start dying his hair?
Who used to do archery when he was younger?
What is Liam's star sign?
What is the name of the only book that Niall has ever read?
Which school year did Louis have to retake because he got suspended?
What is Harry's hidden talent?
What is Harry's star sign?
What was Harry's hamster called?
What is Louis' star sign?
What is Zayn's star sign?
What is Niall's star sign?

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