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Can you name the Kennedy Center Honors 1978-2011?

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YearRecipientArtist Type
1978Opera Contralto
1978Ballroom Dancer/Film Actor
1978Ballet Choreographer
1978Musical Theatre Composer
1978Classical Pianist
1979Classical Composer
1979Jazz Musician
1979Stage and Film Actor
1979Modern Dancer/Choreographer
1980Classical and Musical Theatre Composer
1980Film Actor/Dancer
1980Ballet and Musical Theatre Choreographer
1980Stage Actress
1980Opera Soprano
1981Jazz Pianist/Bandleader
1981Film Actor
1981Stage and Film Actress
1981Musical Theatre Choreographer
1981Classical Pianist/Composer
1982Playwright/Stage and Film Director
1982Stage, TV and Film Actress
1982Jazz Clarinetist/Bandleader
1982Dancer/Stage and Film Actor
1982Classical Violinist/Conductor
1983Modern Dancer/Choreographer
1983Stage and Film Director
1983Film Actor/Crooner
1983Film Actor
1983Contemporary Composer/Music Critic
1984Stage and Film Actress/Singer
1984Stage and Film Actor/Singer/Comedian
1984Opera Composer
1984Classical Violinist
1985Modern Dance Choreographer
1985Film Actress/Singer
1985Film and Television Actor/Comedian/USO
1985Musical Theatre Composers
1985Opera Soprano
1986Film and Television Actress/Comedienne
1986Stage and Film Actors
1986Classical Violinist
1986Ballet Choreographer
1986Blues and Rock Singer/Pianist
1987Crooner/Television Personality
1987Film Actress
1987Stage and Film Actor/Singer
1987Classical Violinist
1987Ballet Choreographer
1988Modern Dance Choreographer
1988Film and TV Actor/Comedian
1988Film Actress
1988Classical Violinist/Conductor
1988Theatre Producer
1989Stage and Film Actor/Singer
1989Film Actress
YearRecipientArtist Type
1989Prima Ballerina
1989Stage Actress/Singer
1990Jazz Musician
1990Stage and Film Actress
1990Opera Mezzo-Soprano
1990Musical Theatre Composer
1990Film Director and Writer
1991Country Musician
1991Musical Theatre Composers
1991Tap Dance Duo
1991Stage and Film Actor
1991Choral and Orchestral Conductor
1992Jazz Musician/Bandleader
1992Stage and Film Actors
1992Ballroom Dancer/Film Actress
1992Concert Cellist
1992Modern Dance Choreographer
1993Television Personality
1993Ballet Dancer/Choreographer
1993Orchestra and Opera Conductor
1993Musical Theatre Composer
1993Gospel Singer
1994Film Actor
1994Soul Singer
1994Stage Director
1994Folk Singer
1995Ballet Dancer/Choreographer
1995Opera Soprano
1995Blues Musician
1995Stage and Film Actor
1996Jazz Musician/Bandleader
1996Country Musician
1996Stage and Film Actor
1996Prima Ballerina
1997Stage and Film Actress
1997Rock Musician
1997Film Actor
1997Opera Soprano
1997Ballet Dancer/Choreographer
1998Comedian/TV Actor
1998Musical Theatre Composers
1998Country Musician
1998Child Actress/Philanthropist
1999Film Actor
1999Modern Dancer/Choreographer
1999Stage and Film Actor
1999Pop Singer/Songwriter
2000Ballet Dancer
2000Rock Musician
2000Opera Tenor
2000Film Actor/Director
YearRecipientArtist Type
2000Stage, TV and Film Actress/Singer
2001Stage and Film Actress/Singer
2001Classical Pianist
2001Jazz Musician/Composer
2001Film Actor
2001Opera Tenor
2002Stage and Film Actor
2002Musical Theatre Dancer/Actress
2002Pop Singer/Songwriter
2002Film Actress
2003Soul Singer
2003Country Musician
2003Stage and Film Director
2003Classical Violinist
2004Stage and Film Actors
2004Rock Singer/Songwriter
2004Opera Soprano
2004Film Music Composer
2005Jazz Singer
2005Ballet Dancer
2005Stage, TV and Film Actress
2005Film Actor/Director
2005Rock Singer
2006Classical Conductor
2006Country Musician
2006Pop Singer
2006Film Director
2006Musical Theatre Composer
2007Classical Pianist/Conductor
2007Pop Singer
2007Film Director
2007Pop Songwriter
2008Film Actor
2008Country Musician
2008Rock Musicians
2009Jazz Musician
2009Opera Mezzo-Soprano
2009Film Actor
2009Rock Musician
2010Country Musician
2010Musical Theatre Composer
2010Ballet and Modern Dancer/Choreographer
2010Rock Musician
2010Television Personality
2011Stage Actress/Singer
2011Rock Musician
2011Classical Cellist
2011Jazz Saxophonist
2011Stage and Film Actress

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