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What informal term is used to describe how much a wrestler bled during their match?(Named after a famous Japanese wrestler)
What legendary wrestler infamously quit the WWF by leaving a note saying, 'My horse is sick. I think she's going to die. I think I better go'?
What legendary wrestler ran over the AWA title with his truck and mailed it back after he was stripped of the title?
Who ended Samoa Joe's nearly 2 year reign as ROH World Champion?
Who won the NWA World title at NWA-TNA's first weekly PPV?
What famous tag team wrestled as 'The Ebony Experience' in the Global Wrestling Federation?
What famous wrestler donned a mask as 'Super Liger' in NJPW?
What former WWE champion was KO'ed by Mirko Cro Cop in Pride Fighting Championships?
Who was the first WWE legend 'killed' during Randy Orton's 'Legend Killer' gimmick?
Who did Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan suffer a detached retina against in ROH?

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