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Molly and Arthur's daughter's husband's first girlfriends's Yule Ball date
House elf not ending in y
Charlie's older brother's wife
Frank and Alice's son's Yule ball date
Hugo & Rose's mother's favorite 1st year subject
Kendra and Percival's oldest son
Dudley's Cousin's pet
Harry's best male friend's oldest brother's sister in law
Bellatrix and Andromeda's sister's son
Non-British male Tri-wizard tournament's Yule ball date
Harry's yet to be mentioned non-Irish room mate
The Quibbler's Editor's daughter
Sirius Black's godson's wife's youngest brother
Non elective subject not beginning with a constanant
Fridwulfa's Oldest son
Borgin and Burkes location
Lily Evan's grandaughters father
Harry's Wife's Yule Ball date
Non female, Non Goblin, Head of a Hogwarts house
Padma's Yule Ball date's first kiss was with...

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