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Name of the original Spartan Program
Forerunner world where the Master Chief awoke the Didact
Installation where the Halo rings were constructed
Covenant fleet formerly under the command of Thel 'Vadam
Sgt Johnson's full name (no rank)
Daughter of Captain Jacob Keyes
Location of the UNSCs headquarters
Leader of the Covenant after the great schism. (AKA the Didacts Hand)
What class of ship was the Pillar of Autumn
Keeper of the Domain
Name of the Covenant Holy City
Largest ship in the UNSC
Spartan Team tasked with locating Spartan Blue team
Military Academy attended by Captain Thomas Lasky
Creator of the Spartan Program
First Spartan II to be KIA (MIA)
New faction led by the Arbiter
UNSC officer assigned to Dr Halsey when scouting potential Spartan II candidates
Prophet who inadvertantly stumbled upon human homeworld
Arms manufacturer based on Mars
Item required to activate a Halo Ring
Monitor of Planet Genesis
Colony run by Governer Sloan
Parasitic organisms that were the reason for the Halo rings creation
ONI stands for
Civilian Colony Ship repurposed for War and Commanded by Captain James Cutter
The Master Chiefs name
Commander of the Spartan IVs
Who were the creators of the Halo rings
First human planet to be attacked by the Covenant
Former leader of the Brutes, killed by the Arbiter
Designation given to the armor worn by Spartans

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