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Algernon Percy was the 10th Earl of Northumberland. Which king's life did he try to save?
the Longacres Mile Handicap is a Thoroughbred horse race. What country is it held in?
The RAAF is an active-duty military branch of what country?
Asymphorodes dimorpha is a species of what kind of insect?
The Katonga River has its source in Lake Victoria. What country is it located in?
the PS comet was a passenger boat that ran from Glasgow to Greenock. How was it powered?
The CEPEC is an earthquake prediction organization. What state does it serve?
Gilbert McMicken was a member of the Canadian government. What province's land did he lead the distribution of?
The Westminster Cathedral Choir School is known for its musical prowess. It is also known for having the best school 'what' in London?
Lou mei is a Cantonese dish that most Chinese people don't care for, as opposed to siu mei, which is quite popular. How is siu mei cooked?
The 2009 Somali Presidential election could not be held in the country due to security concerns. Where was it held instead?
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In 1982, the sovereignty of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands was disputed by the UK and Argentina. This contributed to what war?
Anthony 'Fat Tony' Salerno was a New York mobster, and was front boss of what crime family?
The NFDC is an Indian film agency, and was a production company for what Oscar-winning movie?
Beautiful Music was a radio format popular 1960-1980, also known as easy listening. What form of transportation is it often associated with?
Song of Arizona is a 1946 Western film starring what famous cowboy?
The Brooklyn Bridegrooms won the 1889 AA baseball championship. What is the team now known as?
La Liga, Segunda Division B, and Tercera Division are Spanish levels of a sporting league. What sport do its members play?
Moshi Moshi Records is an indie record label with releases by Hot Chip, Bloc Party, and Mates of State. They celebrated their 10th birthday in what famous venue?
John Thadeus Delane, an editor of The Times, made it the first newpaper to publish what form of announcement?
Sporcle is a trivia quiz website formed in 2007. According to its founder, the name is inspired by what word?

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