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Can you name the Harry Potter characters with fornames beginning with 'A'?

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Patronus is a goat
Irish national quidditch team seeker
DADA teacher
Owns a pet Phoenix
Offspring of the youngest Weasley child
Teaches muggle studies
Permanantly ill in St. Mungos
Chaser for Gryffindor
Aunt of a Hufflepuff in Harry's year
Father of Hogwarts champion
Dark arts teacher
Her husband and grandchild share the same name
Fred Weasley's date to the Yule ball and member of Gryffindor house
Friends and fellow Ravenclaw to Terry Boot and Michael Corner
Death Eater who killed Remus Lupin
A female squib
A male squib
Attacked by muggle boys and unable to control her magic
Former headmaster of Hogwarts
Worker at the ministry and has a passion for muggles
Feared grandmother of Gryffindor student
Worked in the department of mysteries
Professor of astronomy

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