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'Now you wanna run around and talk about guns Like I ain't got none...'7
'Its either my life, or your life, and I aint leavin...'3
'Get my drink on, and my smoke on. And go home with...'4
'Word to the motherfuckin streets and word to these hyped ass lyrics and...'2
'**** around and get caught up in a...'3
'Its like this, than who gives a **** about those? So...'6
'I used to know a bitch named Eric Wright We used to roll around and...'5
'Long as my **** pockets was fat...'10
'Treat my rap like Cali weed, I smoke till I sleep. Wake up in the AM...'3
'Ill break your neck, damn near put your face in your lap. **** try to be the king...'5
'Back when Cube was bagin with Lorenzo in the Benzo i was bangin wit a...'3
'****, it aint that Im too big to listen to the rumors, its just that im too big to...'4
'So gimmie one more platinum plaque and **** rap...'5
QuoteAnswerNumber of Words
'Journey with me, to the mind of a maniac. Doomed to be a killa since I came out...'3
'You got a problem? I got a problem solver, and his name is...'1
'The track hits your eardrum like a slug to your chest. Pack a vest for your Jimmy...'5
'Dont even respect yo ass. Thats why its time for the doctor...'4
'**** me, now im **** you,...'2
'And you dont stop. Cause its 1-8-7 on an...'2
'Blunts to the head. Kush pillows...'2
'Now put your smoke up in the air And raise your henny and coke And if you really wanna get **** up,...'3
'Cause if at first you dont succeed, wont hurt to...'3
'Hitchiking if thats what I gotta do. But nobodys picking up a...'4
'Get my bitch the chronic, I gotsta get...'2
'Others say rhymes which fail to be original. Or they kill where the hip-hop starts forget about the ghetto,...'6

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