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Can you name the only country to fit both of the given descriptions ?

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this country...CountryAND also...
has over 300 vehicles per 1000 citizensis a member of OPEC
has a population greater than 230 millioncurrently possesses no nuclear weapons
has a Human Development Index (HDI) rating over .800was a former republic of the USSR
has a GDP per capita greater than $50,000 (US)a population greater than 20 million
is a member of the G20is in Africa
recognizes Turkish as an official languagerecognizes Greek as an official language
has a life expectancy age below 50an HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate below 1%
is a member of the European Unionuses the color orange in their national flag
is rated as a 'low development' country by the HDIbegins with the letter 'U'
has a population greater than 42 milliondoesn't use red or green in their national flag

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