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QUIZ: Can you name the The Cedar Falls Legends?

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CF Legend HomonymLegendHints
The BodLived on Bergstrom
Two Gay Dads mean you drive a tempo...?Sister Rachael
1st Team All-World KickballKenny Rogers' Son and true inspiration
TermanatorChibs prolly hit it
23 year verteran of Jiffy LubeEye Patch
Dry Cleaners Top AssistantRadio Voice
Pinocchiodecent cans till college (sloppy mess post-dated cerca 2005)
Stole a Laptop from my roommateDusso the Dolphin
1999 Top Center (all sports)Could dunk and snap football 76 yards
5 by 7Kum-N-GO Pimp
Retarded not deafChibs hit it
My favorite TV showFred Savage
Tiny ears (guess we were all kind of friends)nice enough guy
FUDLF'ed Up David Lance
BuickChibs hit it
CF Legend HomonymLegendHints
Best Girl Mustachenot afraid of frogs ad chibs hit it
PipeBendersorry chibs had to...nothing short of legendary
Lunchroom Graduate AssistantChibs hit it
Family Video Application Terrorist Hot SpotDads name Don
The grasshopperVertical jump = 39 inches
Free Throws Made - 0/ Free Throws Attempted 3,459answer not chibs
Sole's AniMorphSeaCow
Reverse lay-up masterAirforce pilot
Song Chibs Lost virginity toNOT A JOKE
BushwhackerLocker neighbor
Rat KingCould beat up Chibs
Jorts BonerChain Male
High NoteChibs hit it
Somebody...Showed up to 3 Varsity Baseball games
Depressing Breast ReductionChibs hit it

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