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Can you name the answers to these avocado-themed questions to celebrate National Avocado Day? (July 31st)

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Which country is the largest producer of avocados in Europe?
To which food group do avocados belong?
What day of the year is National Avocado Day in the United States?
On which day of the year are the most avocados eaten in the US?
Which country produced the most avocados in 2016? (About 1.52 million metric tons)
Which US state produces the most avocados?
What is the Spanish word for avocado most commonly used in South America?
Which is the only continent that does not produce avocados?
What is the Spanish word for avocado used everywhere but South America?
What is the most common variety of avocado in the world?
What climate are avocados most commonly grown in?
Which Mexican sauce, the Spanish word for which means 'avocado sauce' uses avocados as its main ingredient?
What brunch item, commonly associated with millennials, uses avocado as one of its main ingredients?
Which Mexican state produces the most avocados each year?
Avocados are often likened to this animal, due to its scaly, rough skin.
Avocados have the most of these two nutrients of any food in its group. (Name either one)
What is the scientific name for the avocado?

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