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Can you name the Can You Name All The Legendary Pokemon?

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Big Lightning BirdElectric/Flying
Big Fire BirdFire/Flying
Big Ice BirdIce/Flying
Legendary Beast of the SeaWater/Flying
Rainbow BirdFire/Flying
The CreatorNormal
Ruler of the Distortion WorldGhost/Dragon
The Female EonDragon/Psychic
The Male EonDragon/Psychic
Ice DragonIce/Dragon
Lightning DragonElectric/Dragon
Fire DragonFire/Dragon
Metallic Sword of JusticeSteel/Fighting
Rocky Sword of JusticeRock/Fighting
Grassy Sword of JusticeGrass/Fighting
Wet Sword of JusticeWater/Fighting
Lord of TimeSteel/Dragon
Lord of SpaceWater/Dragon
Electric DogElectric
Water DogWater
Fire DogFire
Has Many FormsPsychic
Lives in the OzoneDragon/Flying
Nightmares and New MoonsDark
Sweet Dreams and Cresent MoonsPsychic
The Origin PokemonPsychic
The Genetic PokemonPsychic
Embodiment of WaterWater
Embodiment of LandGround
Likes to SingPsychic
Robot InsectSteel/Bug
Electric Type that Floats on a CloudElectric
Flying Type that Floats on a CloudFlying
Ground Type that Floats on a CloudGround
Held Within the KeystoneGhost/Dark
Has 2 formesGrass
Lives in Stark MoantainFire/Steel
Death PheonixDark/Flying
Life DeerFairy
Order SnakeGround/Dragon
Lump of IceIce
Lump of RockRock
Lump of SteelSteel
Massive Inorganic PokemonNormal
Embodiment of WillpowerPsychic
Embodiment of EmotionPsychic
Embodiment of KnowledgePsychic
Time TravellerPsychic/Grass
Learns Heart SwapWater
Bred From Ditto and ManaphyWater
The WishmakerSteel/Psychic
Can Make Diamonds to Defend ItselfRock/Fairy

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