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1.) Designed to steal internet access passwords.
Over 50 million infections - even the Pentagon & CIA had t shut down their e-mail systems. 
2.) Created a global network for cybercrime.
Probably used to set up a bot net for spamming or phishing. 
3.) A virus so aggresive some countires thought it was an organized attack.
Estimated to have infected 75,000 machines in 10 minutes. 
4.) Spread to millions of computers around the world.
Infected PCs were used to spread spam and steal identities. 
5.) Spread through web browsing and infected e-mails.
Became the Internet's most widespread worm in just 22 minutes. 
6.) The Chernobyl virus triggers on April 26 -the anniversary of the disaster.
It effectively paralyses a computer. 
7.) Caused over $80 million in damage.
Microsoft and Intel had to turn off their e-mail servers. 
8.) Launched a denial of service attack against Microsoft's website.
Its author has never been caught. 
9.) A worm that affected 10% of the 60,000 computers connected to the internet.
Infected machines slowed to a halt. 
10.) Said to have infected nearly 360,000 hosts.
Contaminated PCs were used in a denial of service attack on the White House website. 

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