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What we observed when an acid reacts with a metal:
Process in which sugars become alcohol:
Formula of compound that formerly was used to prevent blindness in newborns:
Action of _____ produces red wine.
Used by biological systems to speed up reactins:
Determined by number of electrons in the outermost shell:
_____ is likely to be better for making wine than _____ soil.
Meaning of 'natural wine':
Elements present in carbohydrates:
By law vinegar is 5%_____:
Simplest alkene:
_____ is the _____ agent used when leavening bread.
Geometry around a carbon atom is not _____, but _____.
Silver tarnish can be prevented by storing it with this:
Law that contains information allowing us to distinguish between substance and solution:
Plants use _____ to speed up breaking starch into sugar.
If water is the _____, the solution is aqueous.
Element that forms framework of all elements of life:
Write formulas or names of the products: HCl (aq) + NaOH (aq) -->:
Condensation reactions are used by plants to turn _____ into _____.
Name of the least toxic alcohol:
Name given to adding yeast to cooled wort:
_____ fat goes ranced faster because it has _____ carbon-carbon bonds.
Chemical name that makes up American chalk:
How Ernest and Julio Gallo learned how to make wine in Modesto, CA.
Process of heating grain:
______ is the refining process that turns gasoline _____ home heating oil.
A compound that is produced when polyvinylchloride burns; it is extremely toxic to human lungs if inhaled:
Polyatomic ions commonly have _____ atoms covalently bound to the central atom; examples are nitrate, carbonate, sulfite.
Why box or jug wine is regarded poorly:
Enzyme that speeds up the conversion of starch to sugar:
Ionic compounds are dissolved by water molecules, with the _____ end toward the _____.
Vinegar si required to be _____ of _____ acid by mass.
CH3COOH is an example of a _____ acid and exists in solution as _____.
Function of amylase during mashing:
If _____ rots, it can produce toxins such as LSD.
Ingreidients other than water allowed in Munich beer:
Long chains of amino acids:
Why yeast die when making yeast:
_____ ions are not desirable in water for beer because of this bad effect:
MgSO4 is also known as _____ and is used to relieve _____.
Isomers have the same _____, but different _____ because of different molecular shape.
Common names of two cooking fats whose molecules contain C-C bonds:
A reaction where _____ briefly describes a metathesis reaction.
Name of product of photosynthesis:
Proper name for five-carbon straight chain alcohol:
These two ions produce a stable head:
Area covered by on ounce of gold once it is made into gold leaf:
In the process of _____ starch becomes sugars.
The _____ taste of hops counteracts the _____ taste of mash.
Example of an edible saturated solution:
Name of element commonly used in plumbing and roofing:
In neutralization, an _____ and a _____ react.
Water is a good solvent because it has a _____ end and a _____ end.
In polyatomic ions, atoms are held togethe by:
Common names of two cooking oils whose molecules contain C=C bonds:
Simplest hydrocarbon:
Correct name of P2O5:
Quantity of solute dissolved in a given volume of solution:
Because it is _____, and attracts both anions and cations, _____ is called the universal solvent.
Name of periodic table group containing the most reactive metals:
Ion naturally present in water ruins the quality of beer:
One species must be a ______ and another must be a _____ of electrons for electricity to be produced from a chemical change.
Because electricity is _____, we know that ions are free to move in aqueous solution.
Major use of carbon black:
Common name of polyvinylchloride:
Two ways to reduce limit dextrins in light beer:
Two ions that enhance beer's flavor:
A commercial use of polyethylene:
Common name for dihydrogen monoxide:
Ca + O2 -->
Isotopes have the same _____ but different _____.
_____ in grape juice are the main source of flavor in wine.
'-ose' indicates a coumpound is a _____, while '-ase' indicates it is a _____.
For an acid, tase is _____ and feeling is _____.
Major use of butane:
In a _____ reaction, one substance is _____ to form two simpler substances.
In a solution, the _____ does the dissolving and the _____ is dissolved.
_____means not much solute in a solution, while _____ means a lot of dissolved solute.
_____ is the TEST and _____ is the RESULT for an unsaturated solution.
_____ and _____ are two consequences of high {Fe3+} in brewing water.
Name of CuF2:
The act of _____ produces white wine.
Name of period table family 18:
Name of SF2:
Location of metals in periodic table:
A cation is formed by _____ one or more electrons.
Proper name of a hydrocarbon gas produced in abundance by cattle:
How out-of-town merchants in Europe in the Middle Ages were informed of measurements used:
HCl is an example of a _____ acid, and exists in solution as a _____.
Medicinal use of ammonium nitrate:
The grain _____ in the second step of malting.
The raw material is _____ and the type of energy used is _____ in the process that makes aqueous sodium hydroxide, hydrogen gas, and chlorine gas.
Usually required for a decomposition reaction:
Elements whose symbols are usually written first in a formula:
_____ is the _____ agent used when leavening bread.
When an ion is _____ its charge becomes more positive; _____ occurs to the ion that 'consumes' electrons.
Starch with spiral shape:
Location of nonmetals in periodic table:
An _____ forms from the _____ functional group of analcohol and the _____ functional group of a caboxylic acid.
Action of _____ produces white wine.
The act of _____ produces red wine.

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