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One did not easily know identities of _____ in a compound before Lavoisier's renaming:
Formula for magnesium chloride:
Atoms of metals easily form:Nonmetals form anions.
Formula of compound made by 2 carbon and 2 hydrogen atoms:
Two physical properties of metals:High Melting Point, Luster, Malleable
Two common molecular shapes:
Define 'el':
Aristotle's four properties:
Name of scientist who developed 'dot' Structures:
Elements present in hydrocarbons:
Often accompanied by production or absorption of heat, light, or sound:
Used to establish formulas of ionic compounds:
Bases have a ____ taste and a ____ feeling.
Name a state that has major supplies of He:
To form a ____, atoms of a ____ will ____ one or more electrons.
Most important idea in science and foundation of chemistry:
Ernest Rutherford worked in the scientific area of ______, but won the Nobel prize in ______
Element most likely to produce fire when it reacts with water:
Potassium is common in what fruit:
Concise difference between a theory and a hypothesis:
Type of compound that contains two atoms of the same type and also is formed from two nonmetal elements:
The number of ____ precisely equals the number of ____ is why the atom is electrically neutral.
Formula of Zinc Oxide:
For radioactivity ______ rays are stopped by a sheet of paper, but _____ rays require a Pb sheet.
What a space-filling model of water looks like:
Elements in family ___ were known as ____ prior to about 1960, when they received their current name of noble gases.
Expected valence of nitrogen:
Formula of Potassium Oxide:
'One who loves knowledge':
Acids have a ____ taste and a ____ feeling.
Elements with similar ____ are in the same column in the periodic table:
Formula of Calcium Oxide:
Name of earliest device use to capture and study gases:
Alpha particles, Gamma particles, and:
Type of chemical reaction in which one substance takes the place of part of a second substance:
Why many metals seem to gain weight when they are burned, while nonmetals such as carbons do not:
Formula of Iron(II) Chloride:Also known as ferrous chloride.
Unit for length in SI:
Earliest practical use of measurement:
Name of natural shape adopted by four atoms bonded to a central atom:
A compound has ______ proportions of its elements by mass; a solution does not.
Composition of a ______ does not change, while ______ have various proportions.
Labortory instrument responsible for overthrowing the phlogiston theory:
Formula for aluminum chloride:
Positive and negative charged atomic sized particles:
____ combine to form ____ in a chemical reaction:
Type of bond that forms when two amino acids undergo a condensation reaction:
One of the common names of NaHCO3:
Name or formula of least toxic alcohol:
Be is used in:
Unit for temperature in SI:
Formula of simplest compound that would form between Carbon and Oxygen based on the usual valence of each element:
Outermost electrons of an atom:
Use of hydrochloric acid in construction:
With regard to corrosion, ____ is the common property of aluminum oxide, silver sulfide, and copper(II) carbonate. Unsure of answer
Unexpected historical use of aluminum metal:
Example of where Law of Conservation of Mass appears to be false:
Political event that led to use of measurement system in most of the world:
Why alchemists are not considered to be scientists:
Name of an element that regulates muscle action:
Production of ____, ____, or ____ indicates considerable energy has been produced; one of these typically accompanies a chemical reaction.
Compounds that form between metals and nonmetals:
Typical units for measuring mass:
Formula of Aluminum Oxide:
Name of element common in proteins, but not in fats or starches:
Gland where iodine is found and used in the human body:
______ cell is one of two names given to the apparatus in which a chemical change produces electricity.
Unit for mass in SI:
Both the number of ___ and ___ increases by one when we move from one element to the next one.
Joseph Proust discovered:Dalton-Law of Conservation of Mass | Lavoisier-Law of Definite Proportions
Name of compound used to preserve food or to kill wild yeast on grapes:
In a _____ identities change, but in a _____ identities of reactants do not change.
Balance: C6H10O + O2 -> CO2 + H2O
Lewis structure of HCl:Unsure of answer
Process used to separate isomers in petroleum:
Formula of ion that is characteristic of a base:
Gold is rarely used in pure form because of this property:
Household use of hydrochloric acid:
Something that occupies mass:
Rutherford directed ____ particles at a target of _____ to investigate the structure of the atom.
Law of ____ is being violated in this expression: C2H5OH + O2 -> H2O +CO2:Unsure of answer
According to the Law of ____, the percent by weight of an element is the same in every sample of a compound:
Language used to establish element names/symbols:
Number of atoms in one mole of any element:Unsure of answer
Equal in fraction we multiply to convert units:
Two names for 'swap partners' reaction:
Negatively charged ion:
When they react with ______, metalliods often display metallic properties.
Atomic number of element Argon:
Name of element found in rechargeable batteries:
Parts of an atom that determine chemical properties and participate in reactions:
Abundantly present in compounds whose names end with '-ate':
Common sign of a chemical reaction:
Holds together particles in the nucleus:
_____ dulls immediately in O2, is _____ to cut, and reacts _____ with water.
Solid with largest density:
_____ reaction has one reactant, while a ____ reaction has one product.
Common name of CaO(s):
Name for calcium carbonate that has undergone extreme pressure:
Two reasons that the United States continues to use the English system of measurements:

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