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Maritime polar air mass is dominant along _____ coast of United States all year.
Convective clouds form when an air mass _____ and _____ from below.
Continental Polar Air Masses are typically:
Associated with the _____ along United States west coast.
Lots of rain is associated with:
Over Water
If the air mass is colder than the surface it has a _____.
Continental Tropical air mass is generally ____ and _____. (_____)
P ->
Continental (C) =
Air masses form over:
Over Land
Maritime (M) =
cA forms over the:
Rarely reaches the Eastern United States:
Forms of oceans at mid-to-high latitudes:
Maritime Tropical air mass is _____ and _____.
If the air mass is warmer than the surface, it has a _____.
Maritime Tropical is the dominant air mass _____ during summer.
Tropical (T) =
Convective weather events are better in ____ than _____.
Arctic (A) =
Continental Arctic is the extreme version of _____ (bittercold).
Large body of air with uniform temperature and moisture in the horizontal:
Convective Weather Event:
Only reaches the United States during fall, winter, and spring:
Forms over tropical oceans and Gulf of Mexico:
Convective Weather Events have a _____.
Maritime Polar air mass is less frequent along the United States _____ coast.
Precipitation is enhanced when wind is aligned with the _____ of the lake.
Forms over Northern Mexico and Southwest Unites States:
Continental Polar Air Mass rarely reaches _____.
Cool and moist, a bit warmer than Continental Polar:
Air masses are related to the:
Maritime Polar air mass can lead to _____ wind east of Rockies.
Continental Polar air mass forms over _____ and ______.
The Continental Polar Air Mass is _____ of the _____ during winter.
For an air mass to form, air must _____ over the source region.

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