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38 Task Force: she's the ex-girlfriend of the main leadMember of SNSD that acted in Dating Agency Cyrano
Angry Mom: he's the son of the school's director and kind of an ****Rapper of his group and the first of them five that got into acting
Because It's The First Time: he's confused about his own feelings over his best friend that's a girlMain lead of To The Beautiful You
Pretty Boy (Bel Ami): he's the younger brother of the female lead and he has his hair dyed redMember of U-KISS
Boys Over Flowers: he's the one that Jan Di had feelings for at firstHe is about to return from military
Boys Over Flowers: young version of Joon PyoHe used to be a child actor, but debuted in 2015 in a 7 member group under YG
Cheese In The Trap: his bestfriend's father wanted to adopt him and his sisterHe's in a 5 member group that is called 'Actors Group'
Cheo Yong 2 (Ghost Seeing Detective 2): female high-schooler ghostThe maknae left the group and they are only 3 now
Cinderella and the Four Knights: one of the three cousins (the idol one)He is the maknae of a band under FNC Entertainment
Click Your Heart: just some ordinary high school kids The first male dance group under FNC Entertainment
Click Your Heart: she is always transferring schools and people rumors around that she brings BAD LUCK to the ones that get involved with herShe's also under FNC and had a supporting role in Modern Farmer drama
D-Day: he gets involved in a relationship with one of his colleague in the hospitalReally long legs, really tall 'choding' person
Descendants of the Sun: he is engaged and really caring to his wifeChicken lover
Drawing, Spring: she has a horses phobiaGoing Crazy, featuring BAP's Yongguk
Entertainer: he is wrongly accused and spend time in the juvenile centerHas the same name as one of the members of: BTOB and Monsta X
Entertainer: he is the drummer He lived in California
Entertainer: he said he was adopted abroadHe is on We Got Married with Jung Hye Sung
Entourage: Yeong Bin's first love that he can't get over itFormer member of Wonder Girls
Entourage: she is the only employer that leaves with Eun Gap when he started a new entertainment companyShe is the only idol in kpop industry to get confused to a guy
Gap Dong: the psycho serial murderHe left his 5 member group to focus on acting
Go Ho's Starry Night: her boyfriend dumped her without a reason and disappearedShe dated baseball player Oh Seung Hwan, but broke up after 6 months
Ho Goo's Love: she is pregnantShe just broke up recently with her boyfriend Lee Sang Yoon
HintAnswerExtra Info
I Need A Fairy: in order to win Na Ra's heart, he befriended her brother, Kook MinHe's in a 5 members group that its name has something to do with blood type
I Remember You: he kidnapped the younger brother, Lee MinEXO's raising acting-dol
Marriage, Not Dating: the boy she was in a relationship said he was only having an affair with herShe left her group under TS Entertainment to focus on acting
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo: her father used to beat her when she was a kidShe's married to Ki Tae Young and in 2015 gave birth to their first daughter
Love Cells 2: he hurts a lot after breaking up with his girlfriendHe was also in Hotel King, Ho-Goo's Love, Mrs.Cop 2
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: after being cheated by her boyfriend, she wakes up in someone's else body in the pastShe broke up with Jang Kiha, after dating for more than 3 years
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: the 10th Prince that falls in love with Hae SooOne word: eyeliner
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: she is a warrior's daughter and marry the 10th PrinceSolo singer that had a supporting role also in Moorim Shool
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: she is actually a princess, but without knowing, the 13rd Prince falls in love with herThe maknae of a popular SM group that just debuted solo
Moorim School: his father is rich but wants him to 'behave'His group is labelmate with Seo In Guk
Mrs.Cop 2: she is a police officer that doesn't get scaredNetizens are always wondering if she had a relationship with Super Junior's Heechul or not, because they are really close
Mrs.Cop: he's the maknae of the teamAfter losing one member, they left the company and started their own company
Nail Shop Paris: JinHe left the group he was in and started solo. His first song featured Hara
Nine: Nine Times Time Travel: the 1992 young version of Sun WooHe's currently playing in Hwarang
Oh My Ghost: he made a cameo as the new chef of the restaurantLouie? The Shopping King
Oh My Venus: he's from abroad and he's not good with koreanRecently, he got mad at his company (SM) and asked fans for support via Twitter
Orange Marmalade: he's a vampire that doesn't like to obey rules after losing his family UNFAIRRomantic J with Juniel
Orange Marmalade: she a vampire that falls for a humanGuess the AOA member
Perseverance Goo Hae Ra: he had a twin brother that died in a car accidentHis group just comeback with 'A Lie'
Please Come Back, Mister: his body is used by the 'gods' to send back someone that believes he died unfair and has unfinished job on EarthHe FINALLY married Kim Tae Hee
Please Come Back Mister: he used to work in a restaurant but after his boss died, he starts being a bodyguard of the woman his boss lovedAlso 5urprise
Reply 1988: she's the only girl between her group of friendsMaknae that got praised for her acting
HintAnswerExtra Info
Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up): she's a troublemaker and one of the low ranked studentsShe is known for Reply 1997, but she was also in Trot Lovers and That Winter, The Wind Blew
Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up): he has a health problem that doesn't allow him to get touched by others (no skinship)Cha Hak Yeon
Seonam Girls High Schools Investigators: theater club seniorTwo of her songs are LOVE007 and RED LIE
She Was Pretty: he's a famous writer that wants to keep his identity unveiledEunhyuk made fun of him and his mustache
Signal: he's the older brother of the male lead and he gets wrongly accused and his death is covered as a suicideSF9 maknae who's a child actor
SPY: his girlfriend is working under his enemyHe just came back from serving in military
Sweet, Savage Family: she's the grand-daughter of a feared gang bossShe says she's a woman too
Sweet, Savage Family: he falls in love with a girl his mother never allowed to dateIf you get the Entertainer one, this one will fill automatically, since they have the same name :)
Sensory Couple (The Girl Who Sees Smells): he's a detective that lost his ability to taste, smell and feel painHis younger brother is also an actor that had a main role in KPOP EXTREME SURVIVAL
The K2: she's the illegitimate daughter of a presedintial candidateLove Rain and ex-boyfriend Lee Seunggi
The Lover: he is the new roommate of Jun JaeThe only japanese member of Cross Gene
The Master's Sun: he played the teenager version of Joong WonHis stage name is the same as a Death Note character
The Three Musketeers: he loves the crown prince's wifeHe is the leader of a band under FNC and he played in various dramas
The Village: Achiara's Secret: he's a policeman that tries to help the female leadHe was on We Got Married with Red Velvet's Joy
To Be Continued: prior to their debut,they travel back in time for 2 yearsThey are Fantagio's new boy group
To Be Continued: she likes Moonbin, even though he has an one sided love for his childhood friendHello Venus member
Triangle: he was adopted and got separated from his brothersWhen he debuted he was laught at for being a motae solo (someone who never dated before), but in 2012 he revealed that he might not be still motae solo
Twenty Again (Second Time Twenty Years Old): she's dating one of the top students who's the female lead's sonA-Pink member born in 1994
We Broke Up: he wants to be a singerHe and one of fellow members have the same name, but one letter different. H and Y
We Broke Up: she broke up with her boyfriend, but they still live in the same houseHer group disbanded and released the song GOODBYE
You're Beautiful: his name is JeremyHe reunited with the female lead from You're Beautiful through his music video for INSENSIBLE

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