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Forced Order
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Castle's Daughter-AGoing to college in New York to be closer to her dad
Castle's Wife-BYoungest woman to ever make detective
Mystery Writer/ NYPD consultant-CMystery writer / NYPD consultant
Beckett's robbery detective ex-DDated during season two
Beckett's partner from the 54th precinct-ECame from the 54th precinct
Season 6 finale-FCastle disappeared right before he and Beckett were supposed to get married
12th precinct captain-GCame on as captain when Montgomery was killed in the episode 'Knockout'
Castle's dad's last name-HMet his son in the season five episode 'Hunt'
Castle and Beckett's romantic song-IIt's the song played at their wedding for their first dance and also when they got together in the season 4 finale 'Always'
Ryan's wife-JGave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Sarah Grace in 'Under Fire'
Ryan's first name-KUsually only called Kevin by his wife Jenny
Medical Examiner for the 12th precinct-LDated Esposito off and on
Castle's ex wife/ Alexis' mom-MStayed with Castle when Alexis contracted Mono
HintAnswerFun Fact
Beckett's description of Castle-NPretty much means she thinks he's overly hyper
The episode where Beckett and Castle investigate the murder of a script writer for a famous soap opera-OCastle's skills as a mystery writer were very useful during this case
The other medical examiner-PHe doesn't like Castle
The actress who plays Alexis-QFull name is Molly Caitlyn Quinn
Beckett's other partner-RMarried Jenny on the episode 'Till death do us part'
Ryan's daughter's name-SBorn in the season six episode 'Under Fire'
The episode where Alexis gets kidnapped-TShe was the original intended target, not her friend Sara El Masri
The episode where Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a bail bondsman-UThe episode where we meet Beckett's old training officer Mike Royce
One of Bracken's victims-VKilled by Beckett in the episode 'Veritas'
The man who ordered the hit on Johanna Beckett-WFinally arrested for the murder of Beckett's mom in the episode 'Veritas'
Sci-Fi show mentioned on an episode-XRan for nine years from 1993-2002
Beckett and Castle's song-YHe does have a tendency to talk too much
Beckett is...-ZBeckett is a little eccentric at times

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