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Replace 'SPORCLE' with the correct word to complete each cliché and idiom.

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Cliché or IdiomAnswer
Caught with your SPORCLE down
A lump in my SPORCLE
When life gives you SPORCLE, make lemonade
The whole kit and SPORCLE
The SPORCLE of the jungle
Keep your SPORCLE up
Don't count your SPORCLE before they hatch
What goes SPORCLE, comes SPORCLE
Raining SPORCLE and dogs
Icing on the SPORCLE
Falling head over SPORCLE
Like finding a needle in a SPORCLE
SPORCLE sesame
SPORCLE-eyed monster
Rubbing SPORCLE in the wound
Signed, sealed, and SPORCLE
You reap what you SPORCLE
Don't SPORCLE the boat
Take a SPORCLE; it'll last longer
SPORCLE never strikes the same place twice
Knowing it like the back of your SPORCLE
A SPORCLE and his money are soon parted
SPORCLE in sheep's clothing
Knee-high to a SPORCLE
Jack of all SPORCLE and a master of none
Cliché or IdiomAnswer
Murphy's SPORCLE
SPORCLE are on, but there's nobody home
Pulling a SPORCLE out of a hat
SPORCLE to bed; SPORCLE to rise
SPORCLE is where the heart is
You SPORCLE my back, and I'll SPORCLE yours
Long time, no SPORCLE
SPORCLE is the best medicine
Beating a SPORCLE horse
SPORCLE night stand
Water under the SPORCLE
You SPORCLE, you lose
Every SPORCLE has his day
Bright-eyed and SPORCLE-tailed
Money doesn't grow on SPORCLE
A SPORCLE saved is a SPORCLE earned
Pulling the SPORCLE over your eyes
When pigs SPORCLE
SPORCLE is the spice of life
Out of SPORCLE air
Your SPORCLE is cooked
SPORCLE bigger than your stomach
All's fair in SPORCLE and war

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