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Follow the word ladder to reveal a common basketball term.

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____ [Rung 19].1
A shredded cabbage salad.2
Inspector Gadget's foe: Dr. ____3
A group of close-knit families.4
All according to ____.5
The green button on Sporcle: ____ Game.6
A cunning [Rung 5].7
The story within a play, film, or tv show.8
This machine is a main casino attraction.9
What a sloth and a slug have in common.10
Make a wish before doing this to your candles.11
Frida Kahlo's most prominent facial feature.12
Super Mario ____.13
The plural opposite of applause.14
Goodnight Moon is one.15
To hit something so hard it makes a sound.16
People with road rage do this with their horns.17
Mila Kunis is a babe. Bradley Cooper is a ____.18
[Rung 1] ____.19

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