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Can you name the Planets in Doctor Who (2005)?

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Adiposean Breeding World
Time War Battleground
River Song's picnic spot
Where the dogs have no noses
A planet conquered by the Krillitane
Captain Jack's homeworld
One of the 27 stolen planets
It has whirpools of gold
Mentioned in 'The Long Game'
Tree-People homeworld
Azorbaloff's homeworld
Blue-People homeworld
Home of the Singing Towers
The Doctor's Favourite (Televised Planet)
It has mountains that sway in the breeze
Time Lord homeworld
Graske homeworld
One of the 27 stolen planets
Satan's Prison (Televised Planet)
Martha goes ice-skating
Vashta Nerada homeworld (Televised Planet)
Chan Tho's homeworld (Televised Planet)
Where Donna thinks the Doctor is from
Bee homeworld
Human/Hath battleground (Televised Planet)
The sky is like oil on water
Spa resort (Televised Planet)
Their first date (Televised Planet)
Mentioned in 'The Long Game'
The Ood homeworld (Televised Planet)
Homeworld of the princess murdered by the Plasmavore
Max Capricorn's retirement plan
The subject of Dee Dee's paper
Pyrovile homeworld
Slitheen homeworld
Carrionite homeworld
Desert planet (Televised Planet)
One of the 27 stolen planets
The planet in 'Turn Left'
Dalek homeworld
Sontaran homeworld
Astrid Peth's homeworld
Sycorax homeworld
Orbiting a living sun in '42'
'Toclafane' homeworld
Bears a landmass shaped like a lamenting woman

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