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Can you name the celebrities with the most followers on twitter?

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# 1 (4,477,000 followers)
Actor, host of the show 'Punk'd', that 70's show  
# 2 (4,358,300 followers)
Singer, actress ; Mickey mouse club, crossroads 
# 3 (4,205,000 followers)
Comedian, talk-show host, gay frontwoman 
# 4 (3,256,000 followers)
Current president of the United States 
# 5 (3,114,000 followers)
Former actress, current talk-show host. The most influential woman on the world. Her talkshow is the best viewed show on the world 
# 6 (3,007,000 followers)
Singer and guitar player. Played with his own trio in 2005-2006. 
# 7 (2,928,000 followers)
Actor and presentor of 'American Idol' 
# 8 (2,915,000 followers)
socialite, model, actress and television personality 
# 9 (2,814,000 followers)
basketball player, nicknamed 'Shaq' 
# 10 (2,686,000 followers)
actress, singer and television producer. Sharpay Jones in High School musical 
# 11 (2,615,000 followers)
Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta, singer, dressed over-the-top 
# 12 (2,545,000 followers)
Young country singer, MTV incident with Kanye West 
# 13 (2,526,000 followers)
Actress, married to # 1 in the list 
# 14 (2,489,000 followers)
band of singer 'Chris Martin' 
# 15 (2,471,000 followers)
Stand up comedian, actor and television host 
# 16 (2,467,000 followers)
American record producer, rapper, actor, men's fashion designer, entrepreneur and dancer 
# 17 (2,431,000 followers)
cyclist, won 8 times the tour de france 
# 18 (2,334,000 followers)
Singer, actress, 'glitter' , tommy muttola 
# 19 (2,286,000 followers)
Rapper, frontman of 'G-unit' 
# 20 (2,114,000 followers)
actress, leading role in Hanna Montana 

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