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Can you name the Quotes from Terminator 2?

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Starts withWho says it
Stay here, I'll be ...The Terminator
You can't just go around killing people! ...The Terminator
What do you mean why? 'Cause you can't ...The Terminator
One thing about my mum ...John Connor
Why the hell did you do that?! ...The Terminator
I need a ...The Terminator
Wolfie's fine, honey, Wolfie's just fine. Where are you? ...The Terminator
Is it dead?The Terminator
I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle ...Biker
Hasta la ...The Terminator
Hey Gwen, you want some coffee? ...Gwen
Say, thats a nice ...T1000
I know now why you cry ...The Terminator
Get ...T1000
Good morning Dr. Silberman ...Sarah Connor
Starts withWho says it
Hey wait you swore! ...The Terminator
Great, what happens to her? ...The Terminator
Easy...John Connor
Gibbons? c'mon man ...Lloyd
There's no fate ...John Connor
You broke my arm! ...Sarah Connor
I can't self terminate ...The Terminator
You don't say affirmative or some s**t like that you say ...John Connor
You mean more advanced than you are?(good luck with this one!)
Dont take this the wrong way ...John Connor
Come with me ...The Terminator
I think im gonna ...Miles Dyson
I dont know how, much longer, ...Miles Dyson
I know this hurts ...T1000

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