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This is Cecil, Kain, Rosa's hometown.
This is where you fight the Mist Dragon.
This is Rydia's destroyed hometown.
It is located in a desert, near an oasis.
This is where Tellah joins your party to fight Octomammoth.
This is Edward's destroyed hometown.
This is where you obtain the Sand Pearl for Rosa's Desert Fever.
This is where the party rescues Yang and he joins them.
This is Yang's hometown.
This is Tellah, Palom, and Porom's hometown.
This is where Cecil becomes a Paladin.
This is the road that connects two locations.
This is the sewers of a location.
It is ruled by females.
Metal equipment are forbidden here.
It is the tower that does not appear in the world map.
It is the town near the entrance to the Underworld.
This is Edge's hometown.
This is the current residence of the people from Edge's hometown.
This is the tower where Golbez stores the crystals.
It is the 'living' dungeon.
It is the town of Pigs, Small People, and Toads.
This is the only place where the party acquires the best metal.
This is a dungeon available only in GBA and PSP versions of this game.
It is ruled by dwarves.
It is the place that holds the last crystal Golbez needs.
It is the town of dwarves.
It is the place where Excalibur is forged from Mythgraven Blade.
It is a lava-filled dungeon leading to where Rydia grew up.
It is the town of Eidolons.
It is home to one of Rydia's summons.
These are two ways in the moon that lead to a location.
It is where the Lunarians sleep guarded by Fusoya.
This is Namingway's hometown.
This is where Rydia acquires the king of dragons as summon.
This is another dungeon available only in GBA and PSP versions of this game.
This is the final dungeon of the game.

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