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Can you name the Phrases Dr. Horrible Might 'Free'ze??

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Dr. Horrible doesn’t believe in destiny.
Dr. Horrible appreciates the armed forces as much as Brother Ali.
Dr. Horrible can use whatever slogan he likes without paying a fee.
Dr. Horrible drinks skim milk.
Dr. Horrible likes Patrick Dempsey movies about students writing to better themselves. He doesn't like Hilary Swank.
Dr. Horrible like coupons, 2 for 1.
Dr. Horrible likes old Disney movies with Mickey and Donald and Goofy.
Dr. Horrible's chicken don't stay cooped up.
Dr. Horrible isn't a good pitcher, batters get on base without a hit.
Dr. Horrible writes very unstructured angsty poetry.
Dr. Horrible isn't a terrorist, at least according to his side of the war.
Dr. Horrible gets to do whatever he wants in his class between classes.
Dr. Horrible can go where ever and do whatever he wants.
Dr. Horrible can kick Lynyrd Skynyrd's butt in a shredding contest.
Dr. Horrible likes Samuel L. Jackson movies about kidnapping.
Dr. Horrible likes Tom Petty classics.
Dr. Horrible likes buying things in AK, DE, MT, NH and OR.
Dr. Horrible can swim however he damn well pleases.
Dr. Horrible likes Kevin Kline movies about fleeing South Africa following a friend's death.
Dr. Horrible sings Garth Brooks karaoke about an injustice-free world.
Dr. Horrible doesn’t like meat substitutes, or even stuff added to wheat products.
Dr. Horrible already had one answer just given to him.
Dr. Horrible doesn't wear underwear.
Dr. Horrible doesn't like French named potato products.
Dr. Horrible eats captive killer whales for breakfast.
Dr. Horrible likes Francis Scott Key's second to last line.
Dr. Horrible gets away with everything.
Dr. Horrible has no remorse.
Dr. Horrible is so much cooler than old man Bruce Willis trying to save his daughter.
Dr. Horrible only buys the coffee made by properly paid workers.

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