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Can you name the characters from Final Fantasy VIII?

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Loner with a gunblade
Instructor at Balamb Garden
Energetic martial artist
Girl with nunchaku
Has a dog for a companion
Sharpshooter with a long coat
Leader of disciplinary committee
Idealist with a machine gun
Uses two blades
Carries a heavy anchor
Sorceress who dresses in black
Sealed away in orbit
Headmaster of Balamb Garden
The commander
The captain
Evil sorceress from the future
Quits his job
Quits his job
Has relationship problems with his daughter
President of Galbadia
Highly pacifistic
Mayor's wife
Into naughty magazines
Has stomach problems
Outstanding pianist
Dies just after childbirth
Head of Galbadia Garden
The Garden Master
Scientist from Esthar
The Balamb garden doctor
Knows where the headmaster is
Dog who helps with limit breaks
FH resident with a friend in Shumi village
Elder from Shumi Tribe
Elder's Attendant from Shumi Tribe
Sculptor from Shumi Tribe
Artisan from Shumi Tribe
GF of thunder
GF of ice
GF of fire
GF of silence
GF of ground
GF of gravity
GF of defense
GF of water
GF of wind
GF of multiple casting
GF of holy
GF of ailment
GF of flare
GF shaped like a cactus
GF with a knife
GF dealing 5-digit damage
Instructed to detain prisoners
Randomly shows up to help out
Randomly shows up to help out
Her kitchen smells strange
Furry red creatures
Grants a second chance to defeated parties
Alien from another world
Very good at triple triad
Lost in the attack on Trabia Garden

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