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Ninjas are incredibly unsubtle.
Everyone harrasses a small, apathetic boy.
Oppressed people fight a rebellion with their manhood.
A perverted priest saves a small boy from the military.
Gratuitous violence repeats itself in a disturbing manner.
Ten year olds abuse small, cute animals.
A young boy makes an 'arrangement' with a demon.
A possessed robot pulls a guitar out of his face and is named the True Pirate King.
A baby repeatedly shoots a middle schooler.
A teenage psychopath and his invisible friend kill people.
Everyone stalks a kindhearted man.
A teenager with a God complex attempts to rule the world.
Robot girl takes her shirt off to fight large aliens.
Naked animal shapeshifters claim legitimacy.
A girl turns into an Internet God.
Crossdresser is harrassed by rich gang.
Possessed inanimate objects stop time to fight crime.
Older artist obsesses over young catboy.
Young girl's bodily fluids give rich people superpowers.
Short angry kid and giant suit of armor practice magic.

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