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Can you name the Superheroes/villains by Weapon?

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BatarangDC Hero
Lasso of TruthDC Hero
Web shootersMarvel Hero
Adamantium shieldMarvel Hero
Power ringDC Hero
High-tech battlesuitMarvel Hero
Umbrella rifleDC Villain
WhipDC Villain
Bow and arrowsDC Hero
Carbonadium CoilsMarvel Villain
Adamantium ClawsMarvel Hero
Mjolnir HammerMarvel Hero
Freeze ray gunDC Villain
Mechanical armsMarvel Villain
SaiMarvel Hero
Pumpkin BombsMarvel Villain
Electric joy buzzerDC Villain
CrowbarMarvel Villain
Twin katanasMarvel Hero
Billy clubMarvel Hero
Magical ringsMarvel Villain
Ray gunDC Hero
Promethium SwordDC Villain
MaceDC Hero
CrossbowDC Hero
Weather WandDC Villain
Exploding puppets/Mini tommy gunsDC Villain
Cosmic staffDC Hero

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