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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to this Simpsons-themed quiz by reading each descriptive clue ?

Quiz Updated Jun 28, 2012

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Letter Answer Hint
AOwner of the Kwik-E-Mart
BThe Three-Eyed Orange Fish
CSpringfields Slack-Jawed Yokel
DThe Largest Beer Brand in Springfield
EThe Street That the Simpsons Live on
FThe Notable Drink Created by Homer
GSpringfield's Unsuccessful Businessman
HOld-Looking Man with Very Bad Luck
IThe Violent Cartoon Character
JThe Competent Doctor in Springfield
KTV News 'Personality' for Channel 6
LIncompetent Lawyer in Springfield
MThe Bartender at the Local Tavern
NThe Very Religious Father of Two
OCity Located Southeast of Springfield
POne of Marge's Chain-Smoking Sisters
QSurname of Mayor 'Diamond' Joe
RBart's Favorite Comic Book Hero
STooth-Rotting Kwik-E-Mart Drink
TCheesy B-Movie Actor
UExchange Student from Germany
VMilhouse's Surname
WPale Boy who Often Feels Nauseous
X'Desperately Xeeking ____' (Lucy Lawless guest appearance)
YA Quality Inn in Springfield
ZSurname of Artie, Marge's Prom Date

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