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Can you name the following films in which the movie title has been named after the lead/main character in the film?

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(Lead) Played by...(Character) MovieYear (Genre)
Scott Weinger (Voice)1992 (Adventure)
Tom Hanks1994 (Drama)
Johnny Depp 1994 (Comedy)
Sylvester Stallone 1976 (Sport)
George C. Scott 1970 (War)
Robert Downey Jr. 2009 (Crime)
Ryan O'Neal 1975 (Drama)
Daniel Radcliffe 2001-2012 (Fantasy)
Dan Aykroyd (Voice)2010 (Comedy)
Jon Heder 2004 (Comedy)
Bobby Driscoll (Voice)1953 (Adventure)
Jack Black2006 (Comedy)
Warren Oates 1973 (Crime)
(Lead) Played by...(Character) MovieYear (Genre)
Josh Brolin 2010 (Action)
Mike Myers (Voice)2001 (Comedy)
Sylvester Stallone 2008 (War)
Angelina Jolie2010 (Action)
Will Smith 2008 (Action)
Ellen Page 2007 (Comedy)
Adam Sandler 1996 (Comedy)
Ilene Woods (Voice)1950 (Fantasy)
Will Forte2010 (Action)
David Spade 2001 (Comedy)
Dickie Jones (Voice)1940 (Adventure)
Sissy Spacek 1976 (Horror)
Ben Stiller 2010 (Comedy)

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