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How many intentional walks did Roger Maris get in his 61 home run season? Hint: He was usually hitting in front of Mickey Mantle.
Retired numbers are pretty common these days, but they had to start somewhere. Whose number was the first ever retired by a MLB team? Hint: Some iron-y here.
Can you name the pitcher who holds the record for striking out ten consecutive batters in a game. Hint: Think Gotham.
Name the HOFer who is the oldest pitcher to throw a no-hitter.
How many innings was the longest game (innings) in major league history? hint:which ended in a 1-1 tie
What player has commited the most errors? hint:he PLAYED for the orioles
What active player has thrown the most wild-pitches?
Who is the oldest Major Leaguer ever to hit a home run? hint: he was at the age of 48
Since 1980, only one player has played in a Major League game at the age of 18. Who is he? hint:Lets just say that he ISNT/CANT playing this year
Since 1970, which manager has managed the most number of seasons without ever making the post-season? hint: It was 16 seasons

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