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Can you name the Roman Emperors And Us Presidents?

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Forced Order
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Blamed The Great Fire on Christians
Grand Nephew Of Caesar
'little boots' Tried to make his horse consul
Scared of Praetorian Guards and left to Capri
Murdered to bring Reign to Nero
Converted Religion to Christianity
Ordered Building of Collosseum
Helped Aid Victims in Rome
Ordered Rebuilding of Hagia Sophia
Treated Senate w/ Respect and Treated Everyone Fair
His first wife and Mother Died on the same day
The 5th President Of the United States
First Ever African-American President
President during the Civil War
The Youngest President to Die
Reorganized Financial Policies for Rome
Philosopher Emperor
Ordered Fortified Barriers in Britain And Germany
Commander in Chief in the American Revolutionary War
Wrote and Create the Declaration Of Independence

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