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Can you name the facts and quotes from Step Brothers?

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The 1 rule of the house
Name of Dale and Brennan's talent agency
According to Dale, Brennans voice sounds like a combination of ________ and _________.
Golf club Derrick gets for his birthday
Where Dale got his 'nudie mags'
When does 'Cops' start?
What really gets Derrick's dick hard?
Dale says Brennan must call him _________
Brennan says Dale must call him __________
The big event at the end of the movie
Name of the band that plays at this event
Three letter word: ____!!!
The signature on Brennan's samuri sword
What does Brennan put on Dale's drum set?
Where does Robert go on Christmas Eve?
Dale and Brennan's song
The one guy Dale and Brennan would sleep with if they were chicks
Song Derek's family sings while driving
Brennan nearly decides to work here, where they give you the tools to be your own boss
Song Derek sang to win high school talent show
Dale's Christmas present
According to Dale, this historical figure built the house
Who does Brennan claim to have smoked pot with?
According to Dale, men 'make our own ______ ______'
Brennan's name for his therapist
The last time Derek had a carb
Name of Robert's boat
Brennan's preferred color/flavor of powerade
Brennan's weapon in fight with Dale
Derek and his friends chant that Brennan has a ___________

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