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What was the title of the first episode of South Park?
Who doesn't get the fishsticks joke?
What 'Misfit Mascot' teaches the class about sexual harassment?
According to the general Canadian public, 'He's a dick!'
What creature does Al Gore constantly hunt?
Moses tells us this is how you kill a giant stone Abraham Lincoln
What must you sing to pass into Imaginationland?
To which country are the boys sent in the 2-part Pandemic episode?
What organization does Cartman join in search of mature friends?
What is the name of the boys' ski instructor in Asspen?
Who IS the record for Biggest Crap? (before Randy breaks the record)
What is the boys' favorite NFL team?
What does Stan's grandpa always call Stan?
Currently, in 2009, Garrison is what gender?
Who raped Indiana Jones?
Butters's super villain alter-ego
Do the handicapped go to hell?
What is the name of the City Wok Guy's wife?
In W.T.F. what is Kyle's wrestling name?
What country are the Cirque de Cheville quintuplets from?
Who must Randy apologize to for saying the 'N-word' on television
What happens to Kenny almost every episode?
Where do Chef's parents live?
Whose boobs destroy society in one episode?
As Hall Monitor, Cartman's catchphrase is 'Cool, Bra, go with _________'
Who is raped by Christmas Critters in Imagionationland?
Make love, not __________
Cartman's hand, as Jennifer Lopez, confesses to actually being the con artist named _________
What is the WGA?
Oh my God! They killed Kenny!
Name of the robot Cartman dresses as to fool Butters
The Mormon prophet
The other hero overshadowing Cartman's 'The Coon'
In 'Smug Alert,' whose Oscar Acceptance Speech causes a dangerous amount of Smug?
Who is the 'Stupid Spoiled ****' in Stupid Spoiled **** Video Playset?
Where is Ike from?
Whose parents does Cartman have ground into chili and fed to the kid?
Who keeps breaking down the city wall in 'Child Abduction Is Not Funny'
When is global warming going to strike?
What is the school mascot in South Park?
Whose soul gets trapped in Cartman's body?
What convicted baby killer do the boys accidentally work toward freeing from prison?
Who are the two creators of South Park?
Who is 'The Biggest Douche in the Universe'?
What happens when Stan dances back after getting served?
The name of Mr. Garrison's assistant and sexual partner?
Which dead celebrity does Ike see most frequently?
In 'South Park is Gay' who is responsible for the nationwide metrosexual fad?
What does Cartman name his own amusement park?
In 'Best Friends Forever,' Kenny commands the armies of Heaven with 'the Golden _____'
Who do the Japanese hold responsible for Hiroshima?
Who do the boys tell the Japanese actually bombed Hiroshima?
What is the title of Towelie's memoirs/autobiography
Which character becomes leader of Scientology in 'Trapped in the Closet'?
Cartman's favorite toy/stuffed animal
The name of Stan's stepfather in 'Clubhouses'
Doing this is a Canadian custom
In 'Cartman's Incredible Gift,' what does the serial killer claim his last name is?
What type of monster does the director of Homeland Security turn into in 'Pandemic 2'?
In 'Super Best Friends,' who is Sea-Man's pet sidekick?
What do the Canadians want when they go on strike?
In 'Go God Go,' what is the AAA?
What flavor is the schnapps that the men get addicted to in 'The Red Badge of Gayness'?
What restaurant do old people need to survive in 'Grey Dawn'?
What is the name of the gerbil that has an adventure inside Mr. Slave?
What song does Cartman perform in 'Whale ****'?
What joke-loving animals does Token try to live with in 'Here Comes the Neighborhood'?
What is the name of the 'girl bar' in 'D-Yikes!' ?
In 'Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants,' what animal is frequently mistaken to be Stevie Nicks?
What establishment did the thieves rob in 'Super Fun Time'
What does Cartman call Jewish dolphins? (When Kyle's dad becomes a dolphin)
What does Tweak's father offer him to drink that makes him so jittery?
What is the name of Russell Crowe's pet/friend tugboat?
Who is the leader of the Council of Nine in 'Imaginationland'?
Who delivers 'The Sword of a Thousand Truths' to the boys' characters in World of Warcraft?
What is Ike's real name? (Given to him by his Canadian parents)
What 'disease' does Randy suffer from in 'Bloody Mary'?
'Screw you guys, I'm going _________'
Who tries to steal credit for the fishsticks joke in 'Fishsticks'?
What is Cartman's weapon of choice when he is the hall monitor?
In 'The Biggest Douche in the Universe,' the doctor says that Cartman needs: more ________
In 'Best Friends Forever,' Satan almost calls off his attack on Heaven because 'God has a _____ ________ now!'
In 'Spookyfish,' what is the name of Stan's Aunt?
Who is Stan's fairly steady girlfriend?
How many roads are there in Canada?
What is the name of the Native American comedian in 'Red Man's Greed'?
Who uses a credit card with no spending limit to save everyone in South Park from debt in 'Margaritaville'?
What gang do Jimmy and Timmy join in 'Krazy Kripples'?
Name the two members of the popular Canadian comedy duo
What creatures steal Tweak's underpants?
In 'Fantastic Easter Special,' we find out that St. Peter was actually a ________
What is the name of the company that uses 'future selves' to scare kids about drugs and alcohol?
What are the Family Guy writers in 'Cartoon Wars'?
The little person in 'With Apologies to Jesse Jackson' always says 'Words are like ________'
What film actor/director does Cartman practically worship?
To what state do the Marshes travel in search of internet in 'Over-Logging'
Cartman likes to point out that the last thing you do before you die is _______ _____ ________'
What town is flooded in 'Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow'?
What famous former NBA star helps Cartman and Kyle find a cure for AIDS?
'Come on down to South Park and meet some _______ ___ ______'

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