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Can you name the facts and quotes from Beerfest?

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Beer brewed by Wolfhouse brothers
Great Gam-Gam's former profession
'Who's __________ _____________?'
Something Germans drink to train for Beerfest
When is Barry Badrinath better?
Fink wins Beerfest with the Eye of the ____
Landfill 2's name
What do the Germans call their mission to get back their beer recipe?
What doesn't Barry Badrinath play anymore?
Barry Badrinath offers HJ's, BJ's, and ____'s
The Americans sneak into Beerfest using 'The Old Trojan ____'
How many beers does Landfill drink off the Assembly Line to get fired from the brewery he worked for?
According to Landfill, who died the day he got fired from the brewery?
What got shoved up Barry Badrinath's ass?
Who punches Jan so that he'll still have a bruise for motivation?
The magazine Landfill suggests Fink could publish his work in
What helps Great Gam-Gam sleep better?
What is Todd wearing the morning after the first Beerfest training session
Landfill 2 is ___________ the man Landfill 1 was
Todd hates Barry because Barry ________ed Todd's wife

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