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We _____ you very much!
You win some, you _____ some!
As kids, sometimes we would drink from this in the backyard in the summer.
No matter what happens, we should never lose this.
You didn’t raise us religious (thank ‘god’) so we’d never heard of this guy until later on in school.
We would do this when we were little and you took pics of us.
Todd said this was constipated when he was a tiny guy.
We would be pleasantly surprised when you put one of these in our school lunches.
We loved it when you used to tuck us in at ______. (Yes, we’ve spelled it wrong for the purposes of this game)
Cats have this many lives.
These were the trees we had in the front yard growing up.
A long time ago some teenage hoodlum broke our living room window ______ with an iceball.
Kelsey would do this after running around.
This is an acronym for the retirement lifestyle we just made up that stands for ‘Planning And Imagining Trips’.
You continue to comfort us if we feel any of this.
A Burgh in Scotland. (You might have to google this one)
You were thrilled when you found out you were going to have two of these.
You stood up to the ‘witch lady’ for Christina, because she was a ______. (the witch lady, not Christina!)
A very bad word that we had to put in here just to bridge us to the next word. Sorry.
“Tea, a drink with jam and bread… _____ will bring us back to DO!”
The character ‘Toad’ from 'The Wind in the Willows' was much more impulsive and mischievous _____ his friends Mole, Rat and Badger.
Jackie, the Asian guy from the movies who is famous for martial arts.
This is what we used to do on msn messenger but texting has taken over.
A man or boy in Nanny’s country of origin.
You use this to bet when playing poker.
What you’re on when you go on a cruise.
A possible short form/nickname for Dr. McDreamy?
Today’s effective adult diapers prevent urine from _____ing out. (You don’t have to worry about this yet!)
Between you, Bill, Melissa and Todd, we have probably _____ the movie ‘What About Bob?’ 100 times.
The oldest of our BC cousins.
We used to _____ our photos onto the computer but now we just upload them.
You and Bill and Melissa all loved the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper movie “A _____ is born”
A quick way to get from Point A to Point B, unless you’re in downtown Toronto. (Instruction: no space between words)
Not nearby
Bellbottoms were ______ that returned in the 90s. (Instruction: no space between words)
Mark is about to become ______ for the second time. (Instruction: no space between words)
This white-haired man Mr. Chandler did some very mean things to his many wives.
We should all floss our teeth at least once _____. (Instruction: no space between words)
All of this was to wish you a very happy ______ from your ‘babies’!

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