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Dennis was this kind of infant
Lighten or colour your hair
You find this in your bellybutton (gdoss)
In my 100 metre race, I farted right up to the finish _____
Melissa needs to drink this in order to stay alive
My hips have become this
You do this to your ass (hopefully!)
Sometimes your armpits become this
You might get this in your pants if a pretty girl walks by
German poet, Johann von ____
From Seinfeld, ‘Festivus for the ____ of us’
Todd quote: “I’d rather have the stress of an upcoming _____ than an upcoming no future”
Oops, we already had this word
Similar to 'tard'- an abbreviation used for 'retard' but in a more jovial than malicious sense
Todd quote: “It is the one who doesn’t speak who probably made the room _____”
The Dutch word for ‘rook’
The English word for ‘roek’
What you use to cover your boner
How normal people pronounce the word 'bewb'
Todd quote: “If you play calm, it was probably you who dropped the ______”

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