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KeywordAnswerExtra Info
Leader of the Cybrans1,304 years old
President of the UEFEnded infinite war
Avatar-of-war of the AeonMilitary extremist
Princess of the AeonOpposite of Marxon
General of the UEFKilled in Forged Alliance
General of the UEF (FA)Took over in Forged Alliance
Cybran Second-in-CommandSlavic origin
Aeon EvaluatorKilled by Avatar-of-War
Order Evaluator (FA)Killed by protagonist in FA
Aeon CrusaderFanatic
Monkey____Cybran Spider Experimental
Fat___UEF Factory Experimental
Galactic ________Aeon Assault Bot Experimental
________ WarMain conflict
Initial followers of the WayThought extinct
KeywordAnswerExtra Info
Yolona ___Seraphim Missile Launcher Experimental
Black ___Planet-destroyer weapon
Armored _______ UnitUsed to build bases
Hex_Member of Seven Hand Node
United Earth __________Successor of Earth Empire
_______ GateUsed for transport
QAIFull name of the Cybran computer
Cybran Home PlanetRed Wasteland
UEF Home PlanetAlso known as 'third rock from Sol'
Aeon Home PlanetUsed to have Seraphim inhabitants
Brigadier General _______Killed in last FA mission
Seraphim WarmasterLed Seraphim invasion
Operation Metal _____Mission to Matar
Homo _______One of two SupCom species
_____ComUEF Mission Control Center

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