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Can you name the wars ended by each of these treaties?

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Treaty of Ramla1192
Treaty of Ryswick1697
Treaty of Utrecht1713
First Treaty of Paris1763
Second Treaty of Paris1783
Treaty of Fredrikshamn1809
Treaty of Ghent1814
Fourth Treaty of Paris1815
Treaty of Nanking1842
Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo1848
Fifth Treaty of Paris1856
Peace of Prague1866
Treaty of Frankfurt1871
Pact of Zanj├│n1878
Treaty of Shimonoseki1895
Sixth Treaty of Paris1898
Treaty of Vereeniging1902
Treaty of Portsmouth1905
Treaty of London1913
Treaty of Versailles1919
Peace of Riga1921
Moscow Peace Treaty1940
Paris Peace Treaties1947
Paris Peace Accords1973
Dayton Agreement1995
Khasav-Yurt Accord1996

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