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Can you name the things including the letter sequence 'HARD', from the crossword-style clues?

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Madonna album or psychological thriller
Franklin W. Dixon's crime-fighting duo
Infamous Barbie misquote
Raymond Chandler's detective genre
Source of most fruit
First Sin City story; featured in the film
Apparel possibly invented by Franz Kafka
Popular white wine
Little Orphan Annie signature song
Idiotic or impulsive
Dickens novel ft. Thomas Gradgrind
Sardine synonym
Alternative to paperback
Physical components of a computer
Politically-correct term for 'deaf'
e.g. Maple, cherry, or walnut
Barely-edible sailor's bread
Quality that Mohs' scale measures
A miser might drive one of these
Only applicable vegetable
Beatles song, album and film
Unbelievable, or over an inch in diameter
Infamous Metapod ability
The roof of your mouth
Alan Rickman's first feature film
e.g. Cocaine or heroin
Notorious philanderer (and president)
Alternative to a rock
H2O + Mg2+ + Ca2+

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