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I dunno, I really think you should check your sources on this one.yankeessuck8991
I had to do it backwards so as to not sing the song in its entirety. HahaDani
Wow, I'm surprised at my thought process. Why did I think it would be a good idea to do Solomon Islands?miyomiyo1
Americans need to pick it up! 13th is unacceptable. I think I will go help the cause now.osu99
12345? thats the stupidest combination ive ever heard in my life! the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!Evan
my marx on this quiz weren't the best. i kept stalin so i missed a lot of answers.BrettCaudill
Damn you Kyrgystan, Kyrgzstan, kryzgystan!!!magister
Hopefully every country can make this list eventually. **** war.Juan
I'm really, really hungry.MovieDynamic
Usain Bolt should be separate from 'Human'.yankeessuck8991
Bite my shiny metal quiz!Cartophiliac
good luck getting this out of your heads the rest of the daykinskey
brllnt qzchrismet
This could almost be called 'jobs with discovery channel shows about them.'JPO
I was kind of hoping that 'child' would be a bonus answer.cmkeller
How ironic that the Micronesians are such macros!Booger
Sporcle should've been added as extra credit.Antithesys
OK, we shortened the time to 1 minute, it seemed the noble thing to do.SporcleAdmin
Ten minutes ago I would have bet my life savings that 'Luxembourgish' was a completely made up word.Sneuticals
All 151 with 5.24 to spare =D I'm working on that 'girlfriend' thing... :(Skel
I knew se7en would come in handy for something...HypnoBabe
Played it 3 times. Completed it twice. Two out of three ain't bad.rockgolf
I'm surprised Nigeria didn't make the list, what with all the displaced royalty sending e-mails.Jaspers
If you liked this, suggest more of your favourites for a sequel! Happy meta-Sporcling - and do try and help keep this hint accurate. :)Detektor

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