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Can you name the words English 'borrowed' from native languages (Hint: It helps to sound them out!)?

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Native WordEnglish WordNative Meaning
ahuakatl (Nahuatl)Testicle
barbakoa (Arawakan)Framework of Sticks
bayuk (Choctaw)Small Stream
kaleboo (Micmac)Scratcher
ajidamoonh (Ojibwa)Red Squirrel
chilpoctli (Nahuatl)Chili Smoke
xocolatl (Nahuatl)Bitter Water
ahuaca-molli (Nahuatl)Testicle Sauce
huanu (Quechua)Dung
amaca (Arawakan)Fish Nets
ch'arki (Quechua)Dried Flesh
qayaq (Inuit)Small Boat of Skins
macavuana (Tupi)Palm Tree
manati (Carib)Breast
moos (Narraganset)Stripper (Of Bark)
Native WordEnglish WordNative Meaning
apasum (Powhatan)White Animal
pakan (Cree)Nut
pasimenan (Powhatan)Artificially-Dried Fruit
pety (Tupi)Tobacco Plant
pira nya (Tupi)Scissors
platana (Carib)Banana
pontho (Araucanian)Woolen Fabric
arahkun (Powhatan)Scratches With Hands
zabana (Arawakan)Treeless Plain
xacalli (Nahuatl)Wooden Hut
seganku (Abenaki)Urinating Fox
tobakun (Micmac)Sled
tomatl (Nahuatl)Swelling Fruit
odoodeman (Ojibwa)His Family
otchek (Cree)Marten

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