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Fictional BookActual AuthorFictional Author
The Affair of the Second GoldfishAriadne Oliver
Armando Dippet: Master or Moron?Rita Skeeter
The Big Bang Theory: A Personal ViewEccentrica Gallumbits
The History and Practice of English MagicJonathan Strange
Buttercup's BabyS. Morgenstern
Conversations with Muad'DibPrincess Irulan
The Dynamic of an AsteroidProfessor James Moriarty
The Grasshopper Lies HeavyHawthorne Abendsen
Hamster Huey and the Gooey KablooieMabel Syrup
Inne Juste 7 Dayes I wille make You a Barbearian HeroCohen the Barbarian
Histoire Abrégée de la Poésie AnglaiseHumbert Humbert
The Mamba du Mal: A Snake That Will Never Kill MeTony 'Mommy' Eggmonteror
Fictional BookActual AuthorFictional Author
Maniacs in the Fourth DimensionKilgore Trout
Misery's ReturnPaul Sheldon
The Murderer's Vade MecumLord Peter Wimsey
The NecronomiconAbdul Alhazred
Old Words and Names in the ShireMerry Brandybuck
Only a Factory GirlRosie M. Banks
ProcrastinationT. S. Garp
The Secret GoldfishD.B. Caulfield
The Six Bunnie-Wunnies and Their Female VeterinarianMiss Helen Sweetstory
Speaker for the Dead: The Hive Queen and the HegemonAndrew 'Ender' Wiggin
Suggestions for the Amelioration of Sick-BaysDr. Stephen Maturin
The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical CollectivismEmmanuel Goldstein
Wuthering Heights: Masterpiece or Turgid Rubbish?Millon de Floss
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